Management Contractor, WACS Cable Landing Station

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    2 months ago
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    May 30, 2019

Division: Network Group
Department: Networks Operations – Project WACS
Level: Direct Contract
Reports to: Senior Manager, Network Operations

Job Summary

To Manage the WACS Cable Landing station by:

  • Ensuring a high availability of the Submarine Cable system
  • Maintenance of accurate system records such charts, Route Position Lists (RPL’s) and Straight Line Diagram’s (SLD’s
  • 24X7 Operation of the submarine cable system
  • Delivering Maintenance Authority roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring day to day management and governance of the TX operations in accordance with set KPI’s and objectives

Job Role

  • Maintain a day to day correspondence (24/7) administration, operation and maintenance of the wet plant
  • Manage Cable submarine Staff to ensure Maintenance authority Key performance indicators are met
  • Configuration of the Submarine Cable system
  • Manage the day to day transmission Network by ensuring MS vendors are delivering per their mandate.
  • Report regularly and comprehensively on the progress and activities of the TX nodes
  • Ensure DRP of CLS network is updated , maintained and tested by Managed service provider
  • Responsible for contractual issues and which MA is responsible for what segment
  • Monitor Transmission performance KPIs not limited to the following : Aviat Networks, Ericsson Mini-link, Huawei OSN and WDM,
  • PMP equipment’s, Huawei RTN and PTN, Compression, Satellite , WACS cable landing station and track issues and high fault links to ensure service availability
  • Manage the integrity of the CLS Network data configuration and software configurations
  • Details on the wet plant and terminal station equipment
  • The spare cable and jointing kit stock levels and replacement policy
  • Day to day correspondence, administration, operation and maintenance of the wet plant
  • Repair planning and management, such as stock control
  • Maintenance & Improvement (M&I) work
  • Preventative maintenance and cable protection, such as fishing and offshore Liaison
  • Invoicing and record maintenance
  • Preparation of budgetary estimates for activities and keeping records of actual costs
  • Submission of reports to the O&MSC, NOC or Management Committee as required
  • Settlement of third party claims to a set limit (fishing gear or anchors)
  • Management of crossing agreements for other cables & pipelines
  • Maintenance of accurate system records such charts, Route Position Lists (RPL’s) and Straight Line Diagram’s (SLD’s)
  • Responsibility for decommissioning/retirement of wet plant
  • Repair and Return procedures for terminal station equipment
  • Fault localisation and ship call out arrangements

Qualification Required & Experience


  • Minimum B.Sc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering or an equivalent qualification


  • Minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in the technical operational telecoms GSM industry
  • 3 years of which must have been in a supervisory role.


Professional/Technical competencies:

  • Adequate Knowledge in Telecommunication fundamentals
  • Adequate knowledge in network system technologies like GSM, WCDMA, Transmission and, IP networks, etc
  • Adequate knowledge of Ericsson and Huawei BTS
  • Adequate Knowledge of network coverage and capacity
  • In-depth Knowledge of Radio Network management tools
  • In depth knowledge in operating systems (Windows, Linux & Unix)
  • In-depth knowledge of ITU/ETSI /3GPP/IEEE standards
  • Ability to set objectives and targets that is beneficial to the smooth running of the network and monitor progress against them.
  • Innovative self-starter able to face the challenges of evolving technology re-evaluating objectives, procedures, processes to continuously improve network performance.
  • Ability to guide others in analyzing complex network related problems
  • Adequate knowledge of environmental, health, and safety policies and practices
  • Ability to produce accurate, punctual and detailed work plan
  • Ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people
  • Adequate knowledge in Project management
  • Adequate knowledge in Vendor management
  • Adequate Knowledge in financial management, budgeting and expenditure control
  • Adequate Knowledge in project management principles

Behavioural competencies:

  • Ability to manage self and team performance and workload and juggle conflicting priorities
  • Demonstrate evidence of influencing and coaching skills
  • Ability to accept responsibility
  • Assertive, Self-starter, Proactive, Innovative, Attention to detail
  • Professional approach with a can do attitude
  • Innovative, takes initiative, result oriented and develops self consistently
  • Leadership, customer centricity, collaborative, ability to coach & develop direct reports
  • Trustworthy, integrity and ethical in dealings
  • Good written and verbal communication, and commitment to the organization
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • Skill in negotiation
  • Adequate Knowledge in business continuity management
  • Ability to manage internal and external forces
  • Business acumen
  • Skill in forecasting
  • Skill in records/documentation keeping
  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems
  • Ability to set and manage measurable objectives and targets in crucial areas that impact performance
  • Ability to follow processes and make improvement

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