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Jessel HR Consult is a leading Human Resources service company with lots of experience providing quality HR Services to businesses and institutions in Ghana.

Our mission is to make finding the right people for the right jobs easier and faster and also to provide innovative solutions and career in HR management for both small and large companies, thus enhancing business performance.

We are here to carry that burden off your schedule and assist you get the right person for your business at an affordable cost. Our desire is primarily not in the money, but rather the satisfaction you would get from our service as clients.

Our services include Recruitment, Executive search, Outsourcing and Training. We equally provide quality consulting services in Human Resources and other Labour issues.



Our Executive Search strategy and specialty is head hunting. We find right persons doing well in same/ similar roles in the same or related industry. We have access to a quality data of results oriented and performing corporate executives from our wide chain of business contacts.


International Organisations / NGOs

Procurement supervisor, Personal assistants, Rover secretary, Administrative assistant, Business services manager, Programmes manager, Crafts shop manager, Cost analyst, HR Manager, Technicians, Administrative assistants, Safety monitor, Accounts personnel, CFO, Communications, etc.


Banks and Financial Institutions

Tellers, Western union executives, Personal assistant to the Managing director, Direct sales representatives, Secretaries, and Data entry officers, Human resource manager, Lawyers, etc.

Mines/ Oil and Gas

Chief chemist, Legal affairs manager, Plant engineer, LP Gas and Water services artisan, Plant foreman, Unit manager, CFO, HR, etc.



Rope access technicians, Riggers, Grit blasters, Sandblasters, Surface Inspectors (NACE), NDT technicians, Hydro blasters (UHP), Scaffold inspectors & erectors, Crane service technicians, Mechanical engineers, IT, Scaffolders, etc.


Fast Moving Consumer Good

Brands manager, Innovations manager, Marketing manager, Merchandisers, Production assistants, Forklift operators, Legal & Tax manager, Fleet manager, Trade marketing manager, Area sales manager, etc.


Hospitality / Hotels

Housekeepers, Chef, Waiters, Receptionist, Hotel managers, Cleaners, Supervisors, Bar attendants, Kitchen Assistants, F&B Managers, Floor Managers, etc.



Accountant/Administrator, Medical reps, Marketing manager, Office assistant, Receptionists, Internal auditors, Accounts officers, etc.



Finance manager, Assistant accountant, Secretaries, Account officers, etc.


IT / Telecommunications

Customer service operators, IT Engineer, Telecom operators, Marketing specialist, Database architect,

Database administrators, Software engineers, Programmers, etc




We are pleased to offer you our services and help you find the right persons for your vacant position (s) within a defined budget seen underlisted below.


Recruitment / Outsourcing Payment Options:

  • Option 1

Cost of Recruitment Service to the Employer

Our fee for recruiting candidates is 80% of one month of the candidate’s gross salary (Discounts are awarded on conditional basis and negotiable).

Should the candidate leave or vacate his/her job from the employer within the first two (2) months of engagement, the agency shall replace the candidate and this service comes at no extra recruitment cost to the employer.

We pride ourselves in believing employees are every organisations most prized assets and so with every employee we recruit for any organisation, he/she must be carefully selected and thus must possess the right attitude, skills and competencies so he/she leaving or vacating his/her job is never a priority.


  • Option 2

Cost of Recruitment Service to Employee

The hiring candidate (employee) shall pay 80% of his/her first month’s salary ONLY to Jessel HR Consult but that One (1) month figure shall be spread within a maximum of three (3) months until such an amount is fully paid.

The client company (employer) shall be in note of this arrangement together with the hiring candidate and Jessel HR Consult, so when their salaries are paid such amounts shall be deducted and paid to Jessel HR Consult.

NB: Should the candidate leave or vacate his/her job from the employer at any time, the agency shall still replace the candidate and this service comes at no extra recruitment cost to the employer.

  • Option 3


Our outsourcing service is designed to enable your organisation cut cost on Human Resources and enable the business focus on core operations. It is designed to enable your business increase productivity and profit.

The percentage is however dependent on the actual sum total of the contract and or total number of employees involved thus not fixed.


Benefits of outsourcing your staff:

  • Reduction in cost incurred in managing employees which includes hiring, performance management and or training.
  • Your company would be able to focus on its core business functions whiles we manage your employees for you.
  • Increased productivity due to increased employee work efficiency
  • Jessel HR Consult will manage your labour issues to prevent labour unrest.
  • Manage candidate’s SSNIT entitlements and paid accordingly on behalf of the client company
  • Easy access to skilled labour as we engage candidates who are have the required skill, and right attitude to work for the client company.


We offer training sessions for the staff of businesses and institutions on employee skill development and other relevant modules as part of capacity building designed to equip your staff to be more productive and efficient. We will present detailed proposals, listing modules on request. We however charge per module per candidate.



  • Ground check with Referees, Employers and Relation of all candidates
  • Candidates would provide a minimum of 3 guarantors (work, parent/ guardian) in case of any theft, financial misappropriation or misconduct, they would sign to become liable.
  • Obtain copies of pictures and all relevant identification on all candidates



  • All contract or permanent staffs are required to open accounts with a bank.
  • Salary payments are made only through the bank accounts of staff, except for reasons that can be acceptable.
  • Staffs are trained on basic work ethics, work safety standards and practices, good organisational behavior practices, team work etc.
  • Staffs are encouraged to be part of National Health Insurance Scheme.
  • Agency fee is dependent on gross as commission.
  • Jessel HR Consult ensures staff salaries are daily paid in partnership with our bankers and SSNIT entitlements duly paid.
  • Staffs shall conduct themselves well on site and avoid unruly behaviors.
  • Staffs are provided with pay slips to appreciate and understand fully their income.























For and on behalf of Jessel HR Consult:

Jonathan Essel

(Managing Director)

Mobile: +233243805830 / +233249235200