Do you love writing or have spare time to write a couple of articles and make some cash on the side? has the avenue for you. Review our guidelines for article submission and scroll down to the article submission form and get started. For each published article, we pay you 50 GHC or 3000 NGN. Now do the math. You will soon be very rich.


  1. No copy and paste. Our automatic copy-detection feature will disqualify copied content. Don’t even waste your time. It WON’T be published.
  2. The article must be original, fresh, unique, resonate with the times and not published elsewhere.
  3. Your article must be 900 words minimum and cover detailed insights, views and information about the topic.
  4. Content must be structured well with a proper title, headings, paragraphs and author bio section.
  5. You can insert reasonable number of outbound links but there are limits automatically enforced. Once your limit reaches, you can’t add more links.
  6. No advertising and marketing or plain promotion.
  7. Articles with many grammatical errors and inaccurate information about facts and figures will be rejected.
  8. Relevant audio, video and images get accepted as long as you own the right to the images or they’re copyright-free. Content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud are fine.
  9. The article must be related to one of the following categories on our website:


Use this anti-plagiarism tool to check the originality of your article before submitting to us. Only original articles will be published.


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After submitting your article for review, click here to submit your personal and payment details. If your article is approved, you will be credited the rate per article. You can submit many original articles as frequently as possible.


  • reserves the right to publish or reject any article submitted whether it meets all guidelines or not.
  • All articles submitted become the proprietary material of and it’s parent company Jobhouse Services LLC.