Looking for best recruitment agencies in Liberia? XY Careers Liberia is Liberia's  leading HR consultancy firm with exceptional Recruitment, Contingent Staffing, Outsourcing and HR Development services.

Our objective is to strengthen the permanent HR structures and satisfy the outsourcing needs of our clients. We have built a reputation for best-practice recruitment services, thereby engaging high-caliber candidates for employers, and thus enhancing business performance through quality workforce.

Are you looking for a dependable manpower supply company in Liberia? Do you want to contract a reputable manpower supply agency? If you are looking for international recruitment companies in Liberia or local agency with international standards, get in touch.


Superior Customer Service

We seek first to offer superior service that is unsurpassed in any form. We therefore respond to all your requests on time; before and after engaging us. Our staff are polite and always ready to assist you.

Great Team

Our team consists of highly competent experts and experienced recruiters with extensive knowledge and experience in HR. We get you the very best of candidates!

Timely Delivery

In servicing your needs we make sure that as a priority we provide you with an efficient service that will see your business grow. We know that your time is money. So we deliver all your requests on time!

Full-Scale Recruitment Process

Guaranteed full recruitment cycle process with option of taking care of recruitment process from the initial authorization to offering stage.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We strive to ascertain your needs and then tailor solutions to tackle them. We offer advice on what recruitment or training options are best for your organization. We offer flexible short/medium/long term recruitment and training services for either contract or permanent staff.

Helping you succeed

We always have a ‘Helping you succeed’ attitude’. At JobHouse, when our clients succeed then we succeed. Our success as a brand is linked to that of our clients, reason we consider them as partners.


XY Careers Liberia provides a full recruitment solution with a comprehensive niche database of more than 20,000 skilled local and foreign candidates. We offer the most comprehensive, versatile traditional solutions to meet the wide-range needs of our client base.

We recognise that every client is unique and as such recruitment campaigns call for unique solutions. XY Careers provides recruitment campaigns for permanent, temporary and fixed term contract staff across variety of industries. Read more 

Our dedicated payroll service supports all outsourced payroll needs with discretion, confidentiality and proficiency.
We go a great extent to ensure that our clients and employees are compliant with tax- and payroll-related legislation, and offer a comprehensive payroll service for our clients’ monthly cycles.

We help you save time on payroll processing. We also reduce your payroll costs and financial risks that can result in tax penalties arising from inaccurate tax filings. Read more

With in-house knowledge and expertise, our HR department and consultants offer essential support and guidance to our clients and employees, ensuring that all parties follow best HR practice.

We have specialist knowledge of Liberia labour Act, HR policies and standard procedures to ensure effective management of staff. We also have experience in managing both skilled and unskilled, contract and full-time staff across various industries in Liberia. Read more 

With an environment of tight resources and new challenges, companies are exploring foreign talent pools and assigning expatriate employees to create new capabilities and opportunities overseas. In an era of increasing globalization, international assignment of expatriates and has become a competitive necessity. XY Careers is Liberia’s leading expatriate management specialist. The aim of this service... Read more 

The Human resource of every organisation is its key asset.
Great organisations have a good graduate trainee programme in place and that has been its source of key staff and great performers.

This offers them the opportunity to take the smartest graduates and train them to become key staff within the organisation, thereby confirming the popular phase “catch them young and they will be yours forever”..... Read more 

Job seeker solutionsAt XY Careers Liberia, we want to help you succeed! We promise to help you find the most suitable and career-focused jobs. Upload your CV  to our Online CV Database today and/or view the latest jobs today and apply for free.

You can also contact us for your CV Upgrade services.  Read more 



For construction industry, we are #1 Labour Supply and Manpower Supply agency in Ghana. We help you save real costs and also stay compliant. Looking for temp staffing agencies in Ghana? Talk to us.


Let's help you recruit for your factory so you can focus on: revenue enhancement and cost containment; customization and standardization.


Looking for IT professionals such as programmers, developers, IT consultants, networking and security experts? We cover these and more extensively.


We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Alternative Energy sub-sectors. Over 7 years' experience!

Financial Services

We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the Banking & Securities, Insurance, and Investment Management sub-sectors. You can count on us.

Public Sector

We have extensive experience in dealing with public sector recruitment. We can seamlessly liaise with the Public Services Commission.


Our professionals guide traditional health care and life science companies and new market entrants in navigating the complexities of the Ghanaian market.

FMCG & Wholesale

As a dealer in Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMCGs), you want your products to "move". Let us help you with the experienced manpower.


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Greenville,  Harper,  Kakata,  Monrovia.

New Yekepe, Voinjama.

Zwedru, Zorzor.