GF Education Group Calls for Employer Feedback


newsGF Education Group are the creators of the CBL Exam (Certified Business Laureate) exam, which is a business test that qualifies and quantifies the skills of recent college graduates. The career test attempts to remedy a common hiring problem: assessment of applicants with little or no “real-world” experience. The CBL Exam offers testing in the core skills and competencies required for working in business.

Employers can receive top scoring candidate profiles for free (note: is one of the distribution partners of the CBL Exam). For recruiters, it’s a way to receive entry-level college graduate resumes for free, while being able to more easily judge their core skills and strengths. For candidates, the test is a way to solve the familiar “catch-22″ of job seeking: you need skills to get a job, but to develop the skills, you need a job. Additionally, test takers that score well on the exam will receive a mentoring session with leading employers in their chosen field of interest.

To make the test more precisely useful for recruiters and employers, the GF Education Group has issued a survey for assessment of candidates. The simple survey asks the top proficiencies and skills that you look for when interviewing and assessing a candidate as a potential hire. By surveying major employers and experienced recruiters, the GF Education Group will be able to ensure the CBL Exam offers the best assessment available to assist in hiring decisions. They encourage both corporate and agency recruiters to take a few minutes to complete the survey. They also cite an iPad giveaway for people who complete the survey.

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