Why graduates are not getting hired!


If not, in addition to being seriously let down, you’ll probably spend a good part of the next few days trying to decipher why you didn’t get the job. And, unfortunately, it’s likely to remain an unsolved mystery for the foreseeable future.

This is because most companies and small businesses do not offer feedback due to possible legal actions from unhired applicants. Answering questions about why an applicant was not hired just opens up a hornet’s nest a few employers find useful.

I have come up with a list of typical reasons that explain why you may not have gotten the job. So, if you’ve found yourself going from interview to interview with a few, if any, resulting in a job offer, you may be practicing one of these habits – effectively sabotaging your chances of landing your dream job. Here are reasons why you’re not getting hired:


As obvious a mistake as this is, it is shockingly prevalent, especially among young people. As our phones become more and more an extension of ourselves and less a simple tool, many of us have a hard time putting them down for any reason– even our dream job. But just touching your phone during an interview signals that you are uninterested. The interviewer should be the last person to compete for your attention. Leave your phone in the car or put it away and eliminate any possibility of falling into this trap, according to Successfast Lane’s website.


Sure, you didn’t like your last job that usually goes without saying. The fact that you are looking for another job already signals that you weren’t happy at your previous position, so why go on about it? Successfast Lane said: Talking about your last job or boss in a derogatory way in an interview is a red flag signalling that you will just as easily spread negativity about any company. Keep the interview positive and never revert to trash talking your last employer. Remember, people are drawn to positivity and optimism.


According to SuccessFastLane, one of the worst things you can do in an interview is blend in. You need to be able to make an impression that causes them to remember you through the multiple interviews they will inevitably conduct after you’ve left. Incorporating enthusiasm, energy, and passion into your responses can help to make you unforgettable. For instance, when you describe your past experiences and skills, be sure to communicate your interest so you don’t come off as a cold fish. While the interviewer is always looking at your skills and areas of knowledge, they are also, perhaps more importantly, assessing your personality and values.


If you don’t know anything about the company you are interviewing at, how can you know you want to work for them? If you didn’t take the time to do a quick search to learn a little about the company, you are likely just looking for a pay cheque. And as big and corporate as a company may be, they don’t want to be treated as simply a source of income. Every company has a mission and vision and was born for a purpose. Find out what that is and make sure you let the interviewer know that you not only care but want to be a part of that mission.


he person who interviews you may be human resource manager, or even the founder– whatever their position. Most recruitment agencies or contingent staffing agencies in Ghana probably have a lot more on their plate than just interviews. Don’t depend on their memory or a simple paper resume to earn you a job. The only way that you will get your dream position is if you are proactive. If you don’t receive a call within the time period you were given, give them a call! Besides being a great reminder, it also shows the company that you are going to take a hands-on approach to your responsibilities in any position you attain.

Internalize these expert tips and you’re bound to impress even the most stoic HR department. Use them in your next job hunt to up your game and make your dream job come through. You are the only thing standing between your reality and the life you want.

Source: Starrfmonline