Employment Technology Helps Improve Retail Turnover Rate


NewsEmployment Technology, creator of employment simulations, has released a new Virtual Customer Simulations system intended to create a more pleasant experience for seasonal jobs applicants.  Awarded Top HR Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive, Virtual Customer Simulations offers a virtual workplace combining assessment and gaming technology that allows job candidates to “test drive” the position and see if they are a fit.

The Simulation benefits retailers in that it helps them mark top performers in service and sales skills.  This decreases training time and in the long run, administrative costs.  A 50 percent decrease in turnover rates was noted by a major retailer after it began using the Virtual Customer Simulation, which is predicted to save them at least $2 million dollars in annual turnover costs.

The virtual simulation allows applicants to gauge their customer service skills, gain a better understanding of the job beforehand, and prepare them for potential customer service issues.  An estimated 500,000 holiday workers are expected to be hired this holiday season according to the National Retail Federation.  By using employment simulations, retailers can save valuable hiring time, money, and boost productivity.

Employment Technologies is leading the way in the area of employment simulations providing retailers with a more clear-cut way to measure employment performance beforehand.  It also has the key benefits of less hiring time, cost, and a decrease in turnover rates.   For more information, please visit http://www.etc-easy.com/_products/virtualcustomer-service/main.htm

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