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10 Inspiring Customer Service Résumé Examples and Templates


If you’re a customer service professional, you’re going to need a winning CV to bag the job. And with so much competition applying for the same role, you’ll need to clearly showcase why you’re the perfect match.

But if you haven’t got a clue where to start, don’t worry!

We’ve scanned the web for the best résumé examples and pulled them together in this list to show you how to clearly outline your skills and experiences to make sure you land an interview for the job of your dreams.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best customer service résumé examples.

1. Student CV

Student CV exampleYouth Central

If you’re fresh out of high school, you’ll probably have little to no work experience to showcase your skills and explain why you’re ideal for the role. With an in-depth and explanative summary, this example showcases how you can hit those targeted keywords without having much experience. The emphasis is then placed on your transferable and industry-specific skills, rather than education and previous employment, followed by your educational achievements and hobbies.

While the template’s design could be more attractive, the layout is what should be taken away from this example. By following a similar format, you’ll be able to create a job-winning student CV in next to no time.

2. Call Centre Representative

Call center representative résumé exampleResume Genius

As a call centre representative, much of the focus should be on showing that you can work well with difficult customers and that you have the skills to handle tricky situations as well as a hectic work schedule.

As illustrated in the example above, there’s no need to write a lengthy career summary. Instead, you can get straight to the point by showcasing why you’re a great call centre representative. You can back these claims up further by adding stats, including call times and the average number of cases dealt with during one working day.

In terms of layout, you can choose an infographic-style CV with clear sections that allow for short and to-the-point explanations.

3. Sales Assistant

Sales assistant résumé exampleLiveCareer

If you work in retail, you need to highlight your hard and soft skills before listing your work experience. In general, you’ll need to show that you have a great work ethic, excellent time management skills, impeccable customer service skills and a genuine interest in the type of retail job that you’re applying for.

That said, which CV format you use for this kind of CV depends on your experience. If you have relevant experience, for experience, a chronological CV (like this example) will work well. However, if you have large gaps in your employment history or you’re changing careers, a skills-based CV might be better.

4. Food Service Specialist

Food service assistant résumé exampleQwikResume

As with any CV, you’ll need to tailor your document to the role you’re applying for. If you work in the food service sector, for example, you’ll need to show that you have all the relevant skills needed within the industry, including as stock and supply management, stocktaking, customer service, cleanliness and hygiene, invoicing, and handling cash receipts.

If you have a depth of experience, avoid a monotonous and repetitive CV by listing your most recent jobs first, and then group your oldest roles under a title called ‘Previous Experience’ without any further descriptions.

5. Cashier

Cashier CV template exampleDayJob

If you’re early on in your career, you’ll need to use a CV template with a two-column design. Like the example above, the two-column format uses the optimal amount of space and allows you to highlight your most important skills and it keeps the length within a single page.

The applicant in this example has showcased her area of expertise first, proving that she has the technical skills needed to work as a cashier. She then proceeds to list her personal skills and work experience. One thing we would recommend doing differently here is to list your contact details at the top of the document to ensure that the hiring manager doesn’t have scramble around to find a way to get in touch.